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Terra's Kitchen Case Study

Download the Case Study

Terra’s Kitchen, a meal delivery service, wanted to improve understanding of the current customer in order to identify new prospects and acquire more loyal customers.

Terra’s Kitchen utilized all three offerings from Gravy, including DaaS, Insights and Audiences to determine distinct behavioral trends among current customers as well as define an extended custom audience for use in future digital campaigns.

Here’s how they used each of the Gravy solutions:

  • Gravy DaaS: used to match existing customer records to Gravy’s 250MM+ mobile device network.
  • Gravy Insights: used to analyze behavioral trends of current customers.
  • Gravy Audiences: used to create a custom audience based on the behavioral analysis.
Download the case study to explore how Gravy Audiences provided Terra’s Kitchen with the data needed to develop targeted campaigns for consumers and potential customers.

Terra's Kitchen Case Study Download