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L'Oreal Case Study

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L’Oreal, a major player in the cosmetics industry, was looking for ways to target women in the New York City area to generate awareness around L’Oreal Beauty Days, a promotion running in local stores.

To better connect with women in that specific area with interest in beauty and fashion, L’Oreal utilized Gravy Audiences and Insights to identify mobile consumers and trends. Through these Gravy solutions, L’Oreal was able to:

  • Identify 500k beauty lovers and fashionistas that fit their criteria.
  • Gain in-depth behavioral analysis of customers visiting participating stores.

L’Oreal was able to attribute 320% ROI and 5x CTR to the mobile campaign, with 70% of participating stores showing an increase in overall sales.

Download the case study to explore how Gravy Insights provided L’Oreal with the right data and analysis to drive foot traffic to promotional events.

L'Oreal Case Study Download