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Gravy: Data-as-a-Service

Download the Solutions Sheet

Today, C-level executives are using location data to identify new consumer markets, improve marketing strategies, and improve customer service -- and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Gravy Analytics recognizes the power of location intelligence and bundles that into a continuous stream of valuable data in Data-as-a-Service.

In this solutions sheet, you’ll get:

  • An outline of the various data categories your company could use to bolster your advertising and customer acquisition efforts
  • Access to our overview video that details how location data can be leveraged to impact your business’ marketing ROI
  • A better understanding of how Gravy collects and translates location data into edible, easy-to-use insights
Download the “Gravy Data-as-a-Service” solutions sheet to explore how location intelligence can enable your business to achieve its goals.


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