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Gravy Audience Catalog

Get a catalog of all the ready-to-use advertising audiences your brand can use to increase ROI.

Gravy Analytics provides hundreds of advertising audiences brands can use to target the real-world consumers who are most likely to make a purchase.

Each audience targets a specific consumer segment by age, location, interest, or another characteristic and contains everything needed to deliver ads through an AdTech solution.

Gravy-Audiences-Catalog_LP_Audiences_3The Gravy Audience Catalog:

  • Contains a full list of the standard, ready-to-use audiences your business can purchase.
  • Explains audience type, including whether the audience targets B2B consumers, a Lifestyle audience, Enthusiast audience, or other types.
  • Includes a description of the consumers in each audience, such as mobile users who regularly visit amusement parks.

Download the Gravy Audience Catalog to see all the ready-to-use advertising audiences your brand can purchase.

Download the Gravy Audiences Catalog